See How Easily You Can File for Guardianship

See How Easily You Can File for Guardianship

Work with a guardianship attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

A legal guardianship allows someone to make certain decisions about the welfare of another person, called a ward. If you're interested in becoming a legal guardian, turn to The Kerr Law Firm for help. Our dependable guardianship attorney can help you file for guardianship right away.

Contact The Kerr Law Firm now to hire a guardianship attorney. We serve Oklahoma City and surrounding counties in central Oklahoma.

3 common reasons to become a guardian

Not sure if guardianship is right for you and your loved one? Many people in the Oklahoma City, OK area choose to become guardians when:

  • An elderly relative can no longer take care of themselves or make sound health care decisions.
  • A relative can no longer care for their children and needs someone to step in.
  • A family death occurs, leaving minor children or elderly relatives without a caretaker.

To discuss your family situation with a reliable guardianship attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, call (405)-749-4999 now. We'll be happy to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.