Know Your Parental Rights

Know Your Parental Rights

Speak with a child welfare attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

If a government agency has attempted to remove your children from your care, don't hesitate to seek representation. An experienced child welfare attorney can increase your chances of keeping your family together.

The Kerr Law Firm understands the fear and frustration that can come from dealing with government entities like Child Protective Services. You can depend on child welfare attorney Steve Kerr to ease your fears and fight aggressively for your parental rights.

What counts as child deprivation?

One of the reasons a government entity in Oklahoma City, OK might attempt to remove children from your home is if they've been subject to a deprived child action. Attorney Kerr has spent decades helping parents navigate deprived child claims. He can help you, too.

A deprived child action can occur when a parent is accused of not giving their child the proper level of:

  • Prenatal care
  • Emotional care
  • Physical care
  • Educational care

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