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When you're dealing with legal matters, you do everything you can to look out for your family's best interests. Shouldn't your family attorney do the same? The Kerr Law Firm understands the importance of protecting your family unit and your parental rights. You can trust attorney Steve Kerr to help you and your family move forward from your legal issues without delay.

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family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

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You shouldn't have to worry about working with a family attorney who only cares about their bottom line. When you hire The Kerr Law Firm, you can depend on us for the support and guidance your family needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to our law firm if you need a:

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The Kerr Law Firm is dedicated to providing dependable family law services to clients throughout the Oklahoma City, OK area, no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation. You can trust family attorney Kerr to take on your legal challenges because:

  • He's skilled: attorney Kerr has been serving the Oklahoma City, OK area since 1994
  • He's knowledgeable: attorney Kerr earned his JD from the Oklahoma City University Law School and has been practicing in the area ever since
  • He's direct: attorney Kerr works with each client personally, so you'll have his undivided attention

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